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Singles Day is finally here and at Hatstore you will be able to find incredible deals on caps, beanies, hats and accessories - no matter what your relationship status is. We are getting ready with a huge variety of great deals online. You will be able to find tons of discounts on products with Singles Day deals, whether you are looking for a new baseball cap, hat or a custom designed cap. Even if Singles Day focus a lot on singularity, at Hatstore you can shop just as many discounted products you like.

What is Singles Day?

Singles Day is the world's biggest day of shopping. It's actually larger than Black Friday and always occur on November 11, hence 11/11. Singles Day started in China in the 90's as a protest against Valentine's Day to celebrate all singles. It started on Nanjing University but quickly spread across China. It's now gone from being a day where we celebrate all singles to being the greatest day of shopping where you treat yourself to something you really want, regardless of relationship status. The explosive growth of Singles Day has led to the celebration spreading well outside China's borders. In Sweden, it was first introduced in the 2010s. A lot of people celebrate by meeting with friends, both single and taken, while others focus on finding great deals and shopping for low prices online.

When is Singles Day 2023?

Singles Day always occur on November 11th, also known as 11/11. Unlike other sales periods, tthe date of the Singles Day sale is rather easy to remember.

All you need to know about Singles Day at Hatstore

We understand if you have a lot of questions about Singles Day, so we've tried our best to answer all of them below.

How long are the Singles Day offers active for?

Singles Day is unique in being one of few sales that are only active for 24 hours. During the entire day and night of November 11th, you'll be able to shop with discounted prices.

What's included in the Hatstore Singles Day sale?

We've always worked towards being able to offer some level of discount on all products, so that there's something for everyone. We offer 20-50% discount on basically all of our 15000+ products. All products from your favourite categories: trucker hat, men's hat, children's hat, women's hat, goorin bros hat, mitchell & ness hat

We also offer a discount when designing your own cap using our easy design tool, where you can get 20-50% off your order. The discount starts at 20% off for an order of one product and increases the more products you add.

The only exceptions from our discount are products from the brands Stetson & Picture.

How do I get the most out of Singles Day at Hatstore?

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- Find your favourites ahead of time

By exploring our assortment in good time you get the chance to find your favourites and save them to your wish list. Once our sale is live, you'll be prepared to grab the best offer right away. There's of course no guarantee you're favourites will still be in stock, so don't wait too long!

- Get familiar with our filters

There are over 15,000 products to choose from during Singles Day, so it is important to know how to find your favourites. If you like to take your time when shopping you can skip this tip. If you want to shop more efficiently, we recommend getting to know our filters and search features, to quickly find what you are looking for. Filter options include size, team, brands, models, colours and more.

Can't wait for Singles Day?

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