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Our Story

Fitted World is the ultimate online destination for fitted caps, offering exclusive drops of distinctive designs on a weekly basis, in collaboration with well-known brands such as New Era. Only available at Fitted World, these fitted caps are sure to make a statement. Behind the scenes, Fitted World By Hatstore is curating the experience. As an online retailer with a passion for headwear since 2011, they bring their expertise to Fitted World. With over 10 years in the industry, Fitted World By Hatstore offers a wide selection of over 15 000 products from the best brands, as well as the option for customers to create their own custom headwear. Based in Sweden, with a global presence in over 50 markets, Fitted World By Hatstore delivers top-quality headwear worldwide.


With over 10 years of passionately curating headwear worldwide, Fitted World came naturally us at Fitted World By Hatstore. With the fitted collector community growing both in the US and Europe, we knew we had to step up and apply our headwear passion to create top tier shopping experience for fitted lovers.


By collaborating with established brands like New Era, we bring exclusive collections of fitted caps. Every release is only available at Fitted World & Fitted World By Hatstore. With unique designs and limited stock, only a selected collectors will sit on any specific piece.

Fitted Lovers

We've always had a serious passion for headwear, and fitted caps is no different. By focusing in and specialising on fitted caps on a separate platform, we can offer a completely unique shopping experience tailored for a community with a love for fitted caps.

Limited Collections

With every drop being limited in stock, it's always 'first come, first served'. Once the products have sold out, they won't be available back in stock, making all products a rare collectors item. Stay in the loop by following our social accounts & signing up for our newsletter, to never miss out on any exclusive drops.

About Hatstore

Hatstore was founded in 2011 and is an online-based retailer of the best in headwear. Based in Sweden, currently active in over 30 markets offering a huge range of headwear brands, as well as developing and manufacturing its own brands. Hatstore also offers the alternative for our customers to design their own headwear, with the help of our on-site customization tool. The possibilities are endless.

Hatstore World AB

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Telephone: +46 480 780 820
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Swedish company registration number: 556913-5436

Customer Service

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